Workshop Description

Founded in 1988, Urban Peak is the only non-profit organization that provides full services for youth ages 15-24 experiencing homelessness or at imminent risk of becoming homeless. After an overview of homelessness in Colorado, a panel of young people currently experiencing homelessness will share their personal stories about the barriers, struggles, and victories they encounter on a daily basis.  They will also provide suggestions on what you can do to assist teens who may find themselves in similar situations.

4 thoughts on “Youth Homelessness in Colorado”

  1. Very powerful information. Appreciate Urban Peak and really enjoyed the panel of vulnerable and transparent guest speakers. Their stories inspired me, saddened me and empowered me to continue to connect with my students and understand first.

  2. Great presentation, truly life changing!

  3. This workshop was amazing – I learned a great deal, and I found a way to understand much more than in the past. Excellent job!

  4. Thank you so much for having the young adults speak to us. They have such inspiration and hope! It was so great to hear their stories and their advice.

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