Workshop Description

Together, we will explore the ways that Instagram affects high school aged girls (14-19 years old) and their developing body image. During this workshop, two current students will provide insight on the effect Instagram has on them. Additionally, The Instagram Effect will provide tools and techniques to utilize social media in positive ways to resist harmful messages, foster healthy self-esteem, and encourage body positivity in young girls.

5 thoughts on “The Instagram Effect”

  1. Body positivity should come in all shapes and sizes.

  2. This workshop made me think about how everyone’s perception is different and how social media affects people and their self-image.

  3. This workshop helped me realize the way we perceive others on Instagram and social media. Debating positive and negative impressions of people brought out some interesting assumptions and bias.

  4. That was so empowering! 10/10. Would go again.

  5. I feel less need to be pressured by social media and more to celebrate people’s differences–see everyone as beautiful.

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