Workshop Description

In this workshop we will explore privilege, and the many levels of privilege that we may have, by playing, “The American Dream” game. After playing the game, students will have a discussion around privilege, how you use it to help yourself and how can you use it to help others.

6 thoughts on “The American Dream: How do You Fit In?”

  1. This workshop made me thankful for who I am, but not feel guilty about my opportunities. It reminded me to be mindful of privilege.

  2. The American Dream Board game was great because it included many facets of diversity; native language, citizenship, income level, etc. It made me want to look even more into how income can overcome or hinder other privileges or challenges.

  3. It was beautiful. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  4. It was very engaging and I enjoyed it.

  5. I found this workshop very eye-opening. It presented things that many do not understand.

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