Workshop Description

What happens when we stop trying to just be nice and not rock the boat? If we get real about our own thoughts and feelings about the “other,” can we dig deeper and challenge assumptions? Building Bridges’ youth leaders will facilitate this interactive workshop where you’ll have space to explore identity, difference, and conflict based on your own experiences and practice communication skills for change.

3 thoughts on “Rock the Boat: Identity, Conflict, and Change”

  1. The workshop was great in engaging us students, and many people opened up to share their personal experiences. To me, it shows how crazy the world can be in quickly associating negative things or stereotypes on people, which shows how we need to stop and think first.

  2. It gave me more insight on my own feelings about my identity, as well as others opinions. It made me feel more open-minded and knowledgeable.

  3. I feel like this workshop showed me how to be a lot more open and how to share my thoughts and beliefs but also be accepting of others.

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