Workshop Description

This interactive workshop will challenge students to explore their ethics and values that have been formed throughout their lives. They will face ethical dilemmas and practice communication techniques when faced with different thinking. There will be laughter!

7 thoughts on “My Ethics versus Your Values”

  1. This was a wonderful, thought-provoking, enjoyable lesson.

  2. This workshop has reminded me to be open-minded and I’ve learned how to accept others’ opinions even if I don’t agree with them.

  3. This was AMAZING! Absolutely opened up my eyes to unrecognized, subconscious biases that I didn’t even realize.

  4. I’ve learned how to accept other’s statements, and how to stop looking through the societal lens that most people usually look through to view dilemmas and problems that arise and how to deal with them.

  5. Honestly, I did not expect such an engaging workshop based upon the description. I learned tons.

  6. The workshop was more active and funnier than I thought from the description.

  7. Life changing. Best experience I’ve had at this event.

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