Workshop Description

Despite confrontation, gender stereotypes still remain a heavy influence in culture today through politics, media, sports, and daily interactions. In this workshop students will learn how to confront the stereotypes that play an underlying role in male-female relations.

7 thoughts on “Men and Women: Breaking down the Stereotypes”

  1. I need to speak up and not be afraid of what society will think of me. I know now that if I speak up and tell my story I can change things.

  2. This opened my eyes on how to eliminate gender stereotypes.

  3. The part when we split up and stood up based on statements opened my eyes to some of the things guys go through that are similar to what girls go through.

  4. I am so inspired to make a difference any way I can. Thank you!

  5. Joyce was knowledgeable and encouraging. It was an eye-opening experience.

  6. Great workshop and great message! Really enjoyed the lesson.

  7. It was an inspiring workshop in many ways.

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