Workshop Description

Why is it so difficult to get people to see “eye to eye” on matters of race? Well, in this session, we get our diverse audience to share a common perspective — mainstream movies! Learn specifically how to identify the six primary character patterns occupied by minority characters in mainstream movies and how to use these patterns to leverage more substantive and meaningful dialogues about race at school, home or within the community. You will NEVER see movies the same way again!

4 thoughts on “You Mean, There’s RACE in My Movie?”

  1. So relevant to today’s issues and such an engaging presenter. AMAZING!!!

  2. I honestly believe that I will never see movies the same again. It’s shocking to see that even in mainstream movies racism is a huge problem. And I;m glad my eyes were opened to see that.

  3. Mind blowing. I thought I knew but now I really know. Once you see you cannot unsee. Thank you!

  4. It has made me more cognizant of the subtler aspects of racism, especially in movies. I now know how to identify and address stereotypes of people in movies.

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