Workshop Description

What is “locker room talk”?  How can we create a positive culture in the locker room and athletics more broadly for everyone?

Topics will include the importance of language, casual homophobia, bullying, privacy, etc. Students will be provided a toolkit to become ambassadors for a healthy environment in this susceptible school space.

3 thoughts on “Locker Room Talk”

  1. Helped me realize how potent male locker room behavior is. We need to address this issue on a statewide level to educate coaches on expectations and accountability for locker room behavior.

  2. Opened my eyes about more LGBTQ+ students and peers, it was interesting to learn about this issue. I want to bring back the issue of casual homophobia to my school, make people more aware.

  3. It showed me that I now can stick up for those getting bullied in the locker room.

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