Workshop Description

Join the Center for People with Disabilities (CPWD) for a panel discussion with individuals who have all types of disabilities.

How have they worked with issues of accessibility in school or on the job? What was a difficult social experience that they had in high school, and how did they work through it? What people in their lives have made positive differences for them? We will address how members in the audience can become allies to individuals with disabilities.

4 thoughts on “Living Well with a Disability”

  1. I loved hearing personal stories because I have not personally been affected by a disability, so I was able to see through the eyes of another and understand their stories.

  2. I feel like this taught me how to push through the issues I have.

  3. It has broadened my perspective on hidden disabilities and how to best help and befriend people without showing pity and different treatment.

  4. This workshop is very helpful and valuable for me. Even though some people with disabilities only have physical disability, it actually has a deep impact on their mental wellness as well. They really need someone who can trust/believe them, but not pity!

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