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We will use storytelling to take a journey through American history from the perspective of the African American woman. The journey begins with slavery and travels into present day America. Racism, hatred, and stereotyping are some of the many topics touched upon in this presentation. We will end with a group discussion on how society has changed–for better or worse–to present day, and the power of one.

11 thoughts on “Lest We Forget . . .”

  1. It humanized certain life experiences. It really showed me compassion.

  2. It has filled in gaps from my education in history, a more personal and in-depth experience than anything I could get in a classroom.

  3. I have never been more proud of my heritage and culture than this seminar right now.

  4. A beautiful speech, absolutely amazing and inspiring.

  5. This workshop was beyond what I expected! Love Love Love the speaker! Engaging and entertaining.

  6. This workshop is better than what I expected. It helped me understand things that I didn’t before. It almost made me cry because of all of the emotions involved.

  7. So moving and beautiful! I re-learned Tubman’s story in a much more powerful way, and I loved the extension/connection to contemporary social issues. I feel very grateful to have heard Dr. Sewell’s stories and to have learned from her experiences.

  8. My conclusion is that I will use love and education to deal with not only hate, but problems. Love is the answer to hate and I will use this lesson for the rest of my life. If more people used love instead of hate, picture how better the world would be.

  9. Great workshop! Everyone needs to listen to these stories.

  10. Amazing storytelling! So very thankful that I came to this session! 🙂

  11. Mrs. Sewell did an amazing job telling the story of Harriett Tubman in the first person, the story of her own grandmother, and talking about current issues regarding African Americans in today’s culture.

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