Workshop Description

Islamophobia is the discrimination and oppression of Muslims. This workshop will serve as an open forum for students and adults to ask questions freely as they learn some of the common myths and misconceptions surrounding the Islamic faith and Muslim people. This session will also help participants understand how xenophobia against any race, religion or ethnicity should not be tolerated.

7 thoughts on “Islam and Islamophobia”

  1. This workshop changed my perspective by being an ally for the Muslim community and to stand up for those who are silenced.

  2. This workshop taught me to be more accepting of more people.

  3. Very educational! Showed a lot of different views. Taught the religion without promoting/advertising it.

  4. It opened up views of Islam that most people aren’t familiar with. It helped break down stereotypes and our presenter was amazing.

  5. I would love to chat with Reema for hours. Soooo many questions. Glad I chose this one.

  6. Way more useful and informative than expected! Great experience.

  7. She did an amazing job! Recommend to everyone.

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