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How can two people in the same school have completely different perceptions of an event that was on the news the night before? Why do people create and share information that turns out to be rumor or misinformation? Why are these rumors are so hard to stop? How can we become responsible consumers and producers of news and information in the digital age?  We will explore the impact of bias, social media, and fake news using parts of Facing History’s “Facing Ferguson” resources by examining traditional/social media coverage of the shooting, the protests that followed and other contemporary sources. We will see how stereotyping, bias, and individual experience influence how people interpret information and will provide participants with tools to tell a reliable source from a questionable or fake source.

3 thoughts on “I Saw it on Twitter: Bias, Social Media, and Fake News”

  1. Great workshop, high energy, needed more time!

  2. She was super great with implementing group participation and getting involved/making you think of how you’re affected.

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