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So you’re passionate about gender equality. Now what? What can you do to be part of the fight for equal rights, responsibilities, and opportunities for women and girls in your own community and around the world? It’s easy to feel helpless. Learn the strengths and limitations of social media in the fight for gender equality, and see how you can make a difference in your school, with your group of friends, even in your own home. See how you can help organizations, from your own community, all the way to the United Nations! Individuals, especially young people, carry a tremendous amount of power for equality. Learn how to use it!

4 thoughts on “How To: Fight for Gender Equality”

  1. I loved this. It was very engaging and tailored to us as high school students.

  2. This was a very eye-opening experience. I’m really happy I took this workshop. Thank you!

  3. Great job! Very engaging and did a really good job of validating the students’ questions and concerns.

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