Workshop Description

We rely on our dynamic personal history to inform our perception of the world, others, and ourselves. Experiences such as suffering, joy, gender, culture, religion, and so much more distinguish how we learned to be versus how we would rather be in our day-to-day lives and through our interactions with others.  This workshop will provide strategies to help you become a more informed reader of physical signs in others and to become more aware of your own physical and psychological tendencies in order to interact authentically with others.

5 thoughts on “Honest and Compassionate Dialogue with Self and Others”

  1. The depth we went into in the short time we had together was amazing. Truly moving experience.

  2. Most meaningful and applicable workshop today!

  3. I really loved this workshop. It made me feel deeply about things and it just felt super empowering.

  4. She was relatable and knowledgeable. The stuff I learned will stay with me for life.

  5. Facilitator did a great job of creating a safe space to express and belong. Thank you!

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