Workshop Description

In this workshop lawyers will lead an interactive session on Colorado’s Hate Crimes Statute.  The lawyers will present a case involving criminal hate crimes. At the conclusion of the trial, small discussion groups of students will become “juries” to discuss the issues presented and, with the assistance of an adult facilitator, reach a verdict. The group will also discuss diversity in their community and the value of preventing the spread of racial slurs and hateful actions.

7 thoughts on “Hate Crimes? Youth Decide the Verdict”

  1. Great workshop, very different and very engaging because it brought a lot of people to speak out and show their ideas.

  2. I loved this workshop. I think its really useful to have people who are passionate about fighting hate crimes to look at evidence and evaluate the law.

  3. I realized that there is a larger difference between hate crimes and bigotry, and in turn that people accuse or don’t accuse people incorrectly very often. When looking at social media or the news, I will keep this information in mind. I also learned that the law can be very ambiguous, which was surprising.

  4. Awesome, engaging, encouraging students to look at facts and laws and be ok with challenging their bias and
    opinions/minds. So cool and educational.

  5. Workshop was very engaging. Loved how it connected to the real world. Best workshop ever!

  6. Super fun, interesting and I learned a lot. Thank you!

  7. I would definitely come to this workshop again. I learned a lot from this.

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