Workshop Description

This workshop will allow students to experience the ancient Indian practice of yoga as they discover ways yoga can benefit them in their daily lives. We will explore techniques for relaxation and stress relief to find peace with ourselves. It is through acceptance of our authentic selves that we can become prepared as vehicles for positive change in our communities and the greater world.

6 thoughts on “Finding Self through Yoga”

  1. That was great. Very important that teens hear about the benefits of yoga and how welcoming it is!

  2. Stay in the present. Everything you need for a beautiful life is inside you.

  3. I have been able to think about the mindfulness, and necessity of being at peace with myself first.

  4. Great class to include all levels.

  5. Tears in the end … happy ones! “Everything I need for a happy life is already inside of me.” I needed that. Thank you!

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