Workshop Description

This interactive workshop will give insight into real failures and hardship while evaluating the participants’ relationship to failure. Attendees will learn how to embrace failure and use it to gain knowledge. We will discuss strategies on how to take away the negative connotations that surround failure and, instead,  show how failure can be as much of a friend as success can be.

4 thoughts on “Embracing Failure as a Way to Grow”

  1. There was a genuineness to the presentation. This encouraged participation that was helpful and touching.

  2. Congratulations ladies. You presented so well – organized, thoughtful, engaging and helpful. Your comments and reflections were courageous! Much love and luck to you. 🙂

  3. This workshop helped me a lot and put me in a good mood. Thank you!

  4. This workshop was very inspiring and makes you really think about your failures in life.

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