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Are you unsure how to apply culturally responsive teaching methods to your lessons, or why it’s even important?  Join Dr. Maria Salazar as she uses her experiences as a student, educator and now professor to demonstrate the value of culturally responsive teaching.  Dr. Salazar will also provide several examples of culturally relevant lesson plans from a variety of content areas—math, social studies, foreign language and more—to inspire you.

3 thoughts on “Culturally Responsive Teaching 101”

  1. Thank you for a very engaging and helpful workshop with real world examples. I think your workshop was important for not only teachers of diverse populations but for all teachers, as learning styles vary. You helped us to see how races might learn differently, although the danger can be that we peg races into a certain learning style.

  2. Such an amazing story and presentation!

  3. Thank you. This was the second time I heard you speak about CRT and it is so inspiring and gets me thinking about what I could be doing differently. All teachers need to hear what you have to say.

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