Workshop Description

It is impossible to truly know what anyone else is going through – including people with disabilities.  However, we can get a better perspective by exploring different challenges commonly found in high school.  Participants will engage in several activities that explore what it is like to have autism, physical disabilities, learning disabilities, and others.  This workshop is perfect for those wishing to learn more about how to support these students in their own school or those thinking of a career working with people who face physical/mental challenges.

4 thoughts on “Come Roll in My Shoes: A Day in the Life of Someone with a Disability”

  1. I loved this class. I think not only students but teachers and everyone else should take this because it really makes you think.

  2. This was very great. It was definitely a perception change.

  3. Great workshop! Really great eye-opener.

  4. Awesome workshop. I learned a lot that will help me assist my community and specific people. 🙂

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