Workshop Description

Let’s have a discussion about students who may be “different” than their peers. Using a hands-on demonstration, we will also talk about not labeling ourselves or one another. Not judging people is harder than it may seem; do you have what it takes?

6 thoughts on “Character Counts: Not Judging People”

  1. I learned how to better approach people with diversity and not to not judge them so quickly, to overall get to know a person before judging and how to make them feel included.

  2. I learned about what it is like to be blind and how to interact with someone experiencing a disability.

  3. It made me realize that the smallest things can impact someone’s life. It broadened my perspective on the different types of people there are. I loved it!

  4. Very eye-opening, thank you!

  5. I loved how you shared your story. You are so brave and so strong and so beautiful.

  6. Really interesting and filled with lots of information. I really enjoyed it.

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