Workshop Description

In this workshop, we will have an open and honest discussion among educators (all adults who work with young people) as we work towards three main goals:

  • Develop our equity and diversity vocabularies so that we can effectively work for justice
  • Create and use time to reflect, learn, and grow in our own work to support all students
  • Learn about and share resources that will help us to challenge inequities and value all students

This workshop will be informative, reflective, and solutions-oriented.  Join your colleagues for an insightful session!

3 thoughts on “Challenging Inequities as Educators”

  1. Learned new things applicable to my kids. Very excited to explore this topic deeper.

  2. Excellent resources. I was impressed with the presenter’s level of knowledge and involvement.

  3. Great workshop. I wish there was more discussion within the whole group about experiences, problem solving. Nice set of resources.

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