Workshop Description

A survivor of the Holocaust will share stories about living through a period of time where diversity and respect for others was at its lowest point in human history. Most importantly, participants will understand why we must never forget what happened in the Holocaust.

6 thoughts on “A Holocaust Survivor Speaks”

  1. Extremely powerful and timely. I admire Mr. Cahn’s courage, strength, clarity and wisdom to speak of the horrors of what he experienced and witnessed.

  2. Your experience reminded me of how fortunate I am and I want to thank you for sharing.

  3. One of the greatest experiences I ever had. Thanks!

  4. I really appreciated his candidness, thoughtfulness, and transparency of examining experiences in order to inform for future decision making and continued global tolerance.

  5. Very informative and a great presenter. Shock of reality and sadness, but useful for my future.

  6. I loved this speaker – he is very friendly and honest.

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