Our view of diversity is all-inclusive.

While most people often associate the word ‘diversity’ with ethnicity, the conference deals with a wide range of topics including cliques, physical and mental challenges, religion, sexual orientation, art and music, gender, socioeconomic concerns, mental health and teenage social problems.

Best of all, the workshops offered at our event each year are chosen by students on the Executive Committee, so that the topics are constantly reflecting the needs, interests and challenges of today’s youth.

2019 Workshops

Below is the list of workshops that will be featured at the December 2019 Northern Colorado Diversity Conference, as chosen by the event’s student Executive Committee. You can also download a PDF version of the workshop options here.

When you’re ready, you can register and select your workshops for the conference here.

Community Building for LGBTQ Youth

Two students smile.

Join mental health counselors Adam-Jon Aparicio and Jessie Charbonneau for an interactive session on the LGBTQ youth experience. We’ll discuss questions about queer youth topics such as coming out/being out, individual queer identity vs group queer identity, dating and friendship, choosing a queer friendly college, mental health in the LGBTQ community, etc. Participants will have the opportunity to talk with their fellow queer peers about mental health and wellness issues that are important to them while building community in the Northern Colorado region.

Cultural Appropriation vs Appreciation

A group of students sit in a circle.

Is it okay for sports teams to use Native tribal names? Should non-Chinese people be getting tattoos of Chinese characters?  In this workshop we will explore cultural appropriation versus appreciation. The workshop will give an introduction to both definitions, and the differences. The workshop will also provide some points as to how one is appreciating culture and how can someone appropriate. By the end of the workshop, student will be able to understand that an inanimate object can have a large impact to one’s identity, as well as the importance of reflection before action.

Faith, Belief, Religion, and Worldview

Three teenagers -- one Jewish, one Christian, one Muslim -- speak to the audience.

Participants will reflect with graduate students Alexis Opper-Yacobucci and Olivia Kail on the intersections of college students’ faith and belief identities with their other social identities. We will explore the differences between faith, belief, religion and worldview; current religious/spiritual trends; consider why interfaith dialogue is so important; and discuss challenges that students might face regarding their worldviews. We will invite participants to engage in learning with us through sharing their own knowledge and experiences in this dynamic workshop.

Including Students with Disabilities

We all can and should do better to include students with disabilities, both in the classroom and socially. But how?  This workshop will feature a panel of students and open dialogue to explore strategies for being more inclusive in every aspect of our lives. The session will be led by the Director of Academic Inclusion for UNC GOAL, a fully inclusive college opportunity for students with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities at the University of Northern Colorado.

Mental Health and Suicide Prevention for LGBTQ Youth

A speaker addresses a room of students.

Create media (audio or video) together as LGBTQIA+ and allied voices, share about being a leader in our own intersectional queer space and tips on identifying safe adults or allies in your life- specific to suicide prevention. Be a part of a production to be shared with peers, educators, and community leaders for a better understanding of queer identities and mental health.

Student Leadership in a Culturally Diverse World

Teenagers live in a culturally diverse world where learned prejudices result in relationship barriers and often lead to conflict in schools, at work, and in the community. This session provides an overview of the 3-day Intercultural Leadership Skills for Teens workshop that teaches students skills that promote positive intercultural interactions and strategies for reducing the negative impact of prejudice, oppression, and bullying. Students will learn the nine characteristics of an interculturally skillful leader and develop a personal commitment pledge to take action to make their schools welcoming and more inclusive for all people.

Unpacking Gender

This workshop will challenge your perceptions and understandings of gender through a cisgendered lens. Ideally, you will walk away with new language, how to better implement strategies for inclusion within your spaces and additionally understand how privilege, power and oppression takes place among trans* folxs.

We Can Talk about That?!

A student speaks while another listens.

Feeling like this is the most politically divided time in our country? Not sure how to talk through hot-button issues with people? Want to be able to chat with relatives of differing opinions at the holiday table? Come check out this workshop on how to talk through complicated political issues. We will discuss how using principles of dialogue, deliberation, and listening can help us communicate with one another!