We’re excited to create a new opportunity for high school students in northern Colorado and southern Wyoming.

YCD is excited to announce a new partnership with Colorado State University to enhance the Northern Colorado Diversity Conference (previously the CSU High School Diversity Conference), for students from rural and urban, large and small, public and private high schools throughout northern Colorado and southern Wyoming to come together, discuss the social issues impacting them and make their communities safe for everyone.  The event will be held at Colorado State University in Fort Collins in Spring 2019; the exact date will be announced soon.

While most people associate the word ‘diversity’ with ethnicity or race, the conference deals a wide range of topics including cliques, religion and interfaith dialogue, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities and abilities, multicultural art and music, socioeconomic concerns, and teenage social problems.

Students: Join the Executive Committee

We are actively recruiting 20-30 high school students from across northern Colorado to join the conference’s Executive Committee, a group of dedicated teens who meet regularly to plan this event. Learn more here about this unique opportunity, as well as an information session coming up for anyone who wants to find out more. Sign up today!