Our conference is planned entirely by and for students, and you’re invited to join us.

One of the conference’s most unique aspects is the Executive Committee, a team of 20-30 students who plan the conference in its entirety. While the conference’s goals do not change year to year, every other detail is planned by this group of dedicated volunteers. We also take the group through a variety of bonding exercises, to explore their own identity as well as learn about others in the group. The Executive Committee also has a chance to participate in several workshops on different diversity-related topics leading up to the conference.

The committee is open to all high school students.  We actively recruit and encourage students from all backgrounds and from a variety of Albuquerque-area high schools to join us for this unique, compelling experience.

Regular Meetings

Meetings for the NMDCY Executive Committee will begin in October 2019. The group meets weekly through the conference day in March, with breaks for holidays. Regular attendance at the meetings is required, so please consider the time commitment before agreeing to participate. We strongly encourage you to attend the info session advertised above to learn more about the experience.

We are still assessing where meetings will take place, and will update this page when a meeting location and date/time has been identified.

Sign Up for the Executive Committee

If you’re interested in joining the 2020 NMDCY Executive Committee, please fill out the form below.