Our view of diversity is all-inclusive.

While most people often associate the word ‘diversity’ with ethnicity, the conference deals with a wide range of topics including cliques, physical and mental challenges, religion, sexual orientation, art and music, gender, socioeconomic concerns, mental health and teenage social problems.

Best of all, the workshops offered at our event each year are chosen by students on the Executive Committee, so that the topics are constantly reflecting the needs, interests and challenges of today’s youth.

Propose a Workshop

Do you have an idea for a good workshop at this event?  We are currently accepting proposals and would love to hear your idea!  Past presenters have included high school students, non-profit organizations, teachers, parents, and interested members of the community.  Share your idea with us today!

Example Workshops

As this is the first year of the Mountain West Diversity Conference, we don’t have examples of workshops done before.  However, you can browse workshops from the statewide event, the Cherry Creek Diversity Conference, for a sense of the kind of programming that will also be offered at the Mountain West event.  We will update this page once the workshops for the 2018 conference have been selected.

As each conference has its own unique group of students and adults planning the day in its entirety, rest assured that workshops offered at this event will be chosen by students on the Mountain West Executive Committee.