Our view of diversity is all-inclusive.

Below is the list of educator workshops YCD has offered at prior Institutes.  We will post the updated list of workshops for the May 2019 event soon.  If you have an idea for a teacher-focused workshop, feel free to propose your workshop idea here.

Creating a Diversity-Focused School Administration

A group of educators engage in discussion on how to create a diversity-focused school administration.

What strategies can teachers employ to drive change in their schools?  Buy-in from school administrators is critical for any diversity initiative.  Join Janet Sammons, founder of YCD’s Cherry Creek Diversity Conference, for a brainstorming session on how teachers can gain support from school administrators for diversity, inclusion and equity initiatives.  Together, we’ll share what has worked and what hasn’t when creating a diversity-focused school administration.

Culturally Responsive Teaching 101

Dr. Maria Salazar leads a workshop on culturally responsive teaching.

Are you unsure how to apply culturally responsive teaching methods to your lessons, or why it’s even important?  Join Dr. Maria Salazar as she uses her experiences as a student, educator and now professor to demonstrate the value of culturally responsive teaching.  Dr. Salazar will also provide several examples of culturally relevant lesson plans from a variety of content areas—math, social studies, foreign language and more—to inspire you.

Teaching Controversial Topics in the Classroom

Lori Mable leads a workshop on teaching controversial issues.

In an increasingly polarized society, teachers may be hesitant to address or bring controversial topics into their lesson plans for fear of retaliation by parents, school administrators or others.  Discussion of controversial topics in the classroom is necessary for students to explore and address the social issues in their worlds, as well as their schools, and to bring youth-generated solutions to these problems. This workshop provides strategies you can use to bring controversial subjects in your classroom while ensuring they are presented in an even-handed manner that will resonate with students, parents and administrators regardless of their political beliefs.