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Are you as excited to attend this year’s Institute as we are to put it on?  Read below for more information, and if you’re ready, the form to register is at the bottom of this page!

Registration Process

Registering for the Diversity Leadership Institute is easy—just fill out the form below, and send in payment for your spot.  Details on costs and payment are below.  We will send a confirmation email to everyone registered about a week before the event.

Costs and Payment

YCD is charging teachers a flat rate of $20 per person to attend this year’s Institute. We are able to offer this low-cost professional development experience through fundraising done throughout the community by YCD’s Board of Directors.

Please note, YCD will waive the $20 participation fee if your school or district is willing to sponsor your participation.  Sponsors pay $200 to cover all the costs of a teacher’s attendance at the Diversity Leadership Institute.  In most cases YCD is securing sponsors to cover these costs, but we encourage teachers registering for this event to speak with their school or district about the possibility of sponsoring them.

After registering for the event using the form below, you may pay online using PayPal or you may send a check in the mail.  See our Donate section for more information. Note payment is required to be received prior to the event date to ensure your participation.

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