The ability to express ourselves through music, art, dance and other forms is central to human culture and well-being.  Below are workshops offered at the Cherry Creek Diversity Conference that relate to these artforms.  Click on any workshop title or image to learn more about that session.  When done browsing, you can return to the Workshops landing page.

Real African Music

Come join Real African Music and involve yourself in true African root culture. We will show you how to play African drums, dance with African style, and sing authentic African songs. The spirit of Africa transpires through the participation of its people in their rich musical culture. Come join us!

Can You Make Yourself Happier?

Students will participate in a discussion on depression, anxiety and stress but with a positive spin. Local psychologists will provide you with some useful strategies on how to boost your happiness quotient!

Diversity of Perspectives

Diversity isn’t just about our upbringing, culture, and affluence — it’s also about our state of mind. Explore with Ryan Foo from the Black Actors Guild as you journey through improv games that are designed to push the very limits of your perspective and understanding. The workshop will help participants develop an understanding of perspective, relationship, and growth.

Phoenix Rising: Empowering Your Creative Genius Through Poetry and Spoken Word

Engage in a dialogue with your subconscious through poetry! You are a creative genius and have the power to transform your life into personal power, hope, and health. Art from Ashes facilitates creative workshops, taking participants through guided writing prompts that will inspire and empower you to find and use your creative voice, and connect with yourself and other people in a new way. You’ll also get to witness an amazing live poetry performance by a professional poet/artist.

Finding Self through Yoga

This workshop will allow students to experience the ancient Indian practice of yoga as they discover ways yoga can benefit them in their daily lives. We will explore techniques for relaxation and stress relief to find peace with ourselves. It is through acceptance of our authentic selves that we can become prepared as vehicles for positive change in our communities and the greater world.

Xpress Yourself! Hip Hop, Poetry, and Spoken Word

Step inside this workshop and learn how to express your thoughts and feelings through hip hop, poetry, and spoken word. Give voice to our stories of love, struggle, injustice, and celebration. With our words, we can represent our culture and traditions as we strengthen our minds and better our communities.