You’re invited to join us for the 27th annual Cherry Creek Diversity Conference on Saturday, February 1, 2020! 

At its inception, eighteen schools gathered for what has now grown into the largest diversity conference in the state of Colorado. In 2019 we were pleased to have 105 schools and organizations participating, with a total attendance over 1,100. This day-long conference is the only statewide conference dealing with issues of diversity entirely planned by and for students.

While most people associate the word ‘diversity’ with ethnicity or race, the conference deals a wide range of topics including cliques, religion, gender, sexual orientation, physical and mental challenges, multicultural art and music, socioeconomic concerns, and teenage social problems. See our list of workshops to get an idea of the topics covered by this unique event.

Select Your Workshops for the Conference

If you are planning to attend the event and have a registration code from your faculty advisor or teacher, please proceed to register for your workshop choices here!  The deadline for registration is Friday, January 24.

Conference Goals

The conference’s goals have remained the same over the past 20+ years, though the conference itself changes dynamically each year under the guidance of our Executive Committee, a group of some thirty students from across the Denver Metro area who volunteer their time, select workshop topics and speakers, and undergo a deeper exploration of diversity and social issues throughout the year. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, consider joining us for an upcoming information session to learn more!

Our goals are to:

  • Promote diversity and understanding within and among students attending Colorado’s public and private high schools;
  • Focus on any issue that might impact a student’s ability to achieve academically or socially, both in and out of the school setting;
  • Provide an opportunity for students from public and private, large and small, urban and rural schools to share ideas in a cooperative atmosphere;
  • Establish a supportive network of students, faculty and administrators committed to carrying out these goals; and
  • Empower participants to speak out or take action in their local schools and communities and increase tolerance and appreciation of diversity.

Who Should Attend

The Cherry Creek Diversity Conference is open to all high school students and supportive teachers/adults from across Colorado. In particular, this event is a great opportunity for groups such as:

  • Diversity or multicultural student clubs
  • Student councils
  • Peace/conflict resolution-focused organizations, including PeaceJam and Interact
  • Religious student organizations interested in exploring interfaith dialogue and positive social change
  • Clubs celebrating specific student ethnicities, including Black Student Alliance, Latinx or Hispanic student clubs, Native/Indigenous student clubs and others
  • Gender/sexuality-focused student groups, including gay-straight alliances
  • Female empowerment student clubs
  • Peer counselors
  • Deaf and blind students and their allies, including ASL signing clubs
  • Creative writing and performance student groups, including poetry, spoken word, hip-hop, dance and other clubs
  • Students from a local youth organization, even if they attend different schools
  • ANY group of teens interested in improving their school’s culture or making a positive change in their community

Note each group is required to be chaperoned by at least one adult or teacher, who we call their “faculty advisor.” This adult is responsible for registering the school to attend, resolving payment and chaperoning the group on the day of the event. As the conference date nears, we will collect names and workshop choices from individual attendees.

Empowerment Projects

As part of YCD’s commitment to empowering students to improve their local schools and communities, our program now asks all participating schools and youth organizations to brainstorm, conduct and report on a project after the conference.

We provide each school group with time at the end of the event to meet and discuss what they experienced throughout the day, but more importantly to brainstorm a project or activities inspired by the conference. These projects can take a variety of forms and should be determined by the students of each school.

Some examples and ideas include:

  • Bringing in a guest speaker and inviting others throughout the school to an upcoming club meeting
  • Conducting a community service project
  • Watching a film that highlights issues relevant to students, followed by a discussion
  • Passing new resolutions at a Student Council meeting
  • Meeting with school or local government officials to advocate for changes needing support from administration
  • Starting a diversity club
  • Hosting a diversity conference for the school’s entire student body
  • Creating a skit on a social issue and performing for local middle or elementary school students
  • Or any other project you can think of!

We will ask each school attending the 2020 Cherry Creek Diversity Conference to report back on their plan within 6 weeks after the conference. YCD can assist schools with finding appropriate guest speakers, connecting you to local organizations, or even providing microgrants for costs involved with the project. Once the project is completed, we also ask for your group to conduct some form of evaluation to measure the impact or outcome of the initiative.

If you have any questions or concerns about this empowerment project requirement for attending the conference, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Register Today

This conference reaches capacity and develops a waiting list every year, so we encourage interested schools and groups to register now to guarantee their spot!