We empower young people to have interfaith dialogue and work across religious differences to build community.

We’ll be continuing to update this page soon with more resources and information on various religious and interfaith organizations and the important work they are doing.

Interfaith Dialogue

Recommended Interfaith Videos

Divisions along religious lines are deepening, and we’re doubting more and more how much we have in common. How can we stand boldly and visibly together? Inspired by an idea from her collaborator Yazmany Arboleda, place-maker Nabila Alibhai and her colleagues created “Colour in Faith,” a social practice art project that unites people of different religions by getting them to paint each other’s houses of worship yellow, in a show of solidarity. “We’ve proven that the human family can come together and send a message far brighter and more powerful than the voices of those that wish to do us harm,” Alibhai says.

Interfaith Organizations in Colorado

The Center for Spiritual Living Denver is a community of like-minded individuals engaged in universal spiritual practices to improve their own lives and make the world a better place. They celebrate the world’s diversity and recognize that the life practice of inclusion is an important and powerful way to reveal love on this planet.

Colorado Interfaith Power and Light seeks to protect the earth’s ecosystems, safeguard public health and ensure sufficient sustainable energy for all.  They cooperate with many people of faith, climate and faith-based organizations, helping form a statewide network.

Colorado Muslim Speakers Bureau works to counter prejudice and discrimination against American Muslims by teaching about their traditions and contributions in the context of America’s history and cultural diversity.

The Interfaith Alliance of Colorado brings together people of different faiths to drive equality, human rights, and opportunity, with a current focus on the issues of religious liberty (non-discrimination), racial justice and economic justice. The Alliance is an affiliate of the national Interfaith Alliance organization.

MileHi Church has an interfaith ministry aimed at raising conscious awareness by creating conversations and facilitating understanding across religious and cultural traditions through education, outreach, interfaith events and service opportunities.


Located in southern Colorado, the Crestone Mountain Zen Center offers residential monastic Zen practice and meditation. Zen practitioners are welcome to join the daily schedule or apply for a variety of Zen programs.

The Dharma Mountain Zen Center in Grand Junction offers seated meditation (zazen), walking meditation (kinhin), chanting, and dharma talks. Everyone, regardless of experience, background or faith, is invited to take part in Zen practice at the Center.

The Durango Dharma Center is now home to many meditators of all levels of practice with classes for beginners, families, and those interested in deeper study of the Buddha’s teachings. The DDC is Vipassana (Insight) oriented but welcomes meditators of any tradition.

The Tri-State Denver Buddhist Temple in Denver is over 100 years old. As a Jodo Shinshu Temple, they emphasize everyday Buddhism for ordinary people, rather than monastic Buddhism. The Temple offers “Dharma School” for youth from toddlers to high school students throughout the school year.

The Zen Center of Denver is a Buddhist sangha (community) offering Zen Buddhist practice and training. The primary practice of the Zen Center of Denver is zazen, seated meditation, with the goal of uncovering enlightenment.


Beyond supports LGBTQ+ people through their coming out process, especially when coming from a conservative faith community. With compassion that comes from experience, its founder Amber Cantorna strives to help other LGBTQ+ people reconcile their faith with their sexuality. She also desires to create conversations for change among the families, friends, and loved ones of LGBTQ+ people in order to guide them towards a place of full acceptance and inclusion.


The Colorado Imam Council strives to unite the Colorado Muslim community, through the unity of its religious leaders, by means of communication, coordination and by representing the Colorado Muslim community with one voice on Islamic issues.

The Colorado Muslim Community Center, based in Aurora, serves the Muslim and non-Muslim community alike, focusing on areas like ethics, morals, and family values. They also provide teaching on Islam to Muslims and work to clarify misconceptions of Islam.

The Colorado Muslim Society, the biggest Muslim community in Colorado and based in Denver, is a religious, non-profit, non-political, cultural, social, educational and humanitarian organization.

The Denver Islamic Society, also known as Masjid An Nur, is an Islamic center serving as a gathering place for the Muslim community in Denver and the larger metropolitan area, and is one of Denver’s busiest mosques. The Society offers an open house for anyone interested in visiting on a monthly basis; RSVPs are required.


Ekar Farm is an urban, organic, community farm, inspired by Jewish values, and dedicated to alleviating hunger through sustainable agriculture. They grow and give organic produce for local food pantries and provide experiential education for the community about sustainable agriculture practices and food justice.

Hazon, based in New York but with offices in Denver and Boulder, works to create a healthier and more sustainable Jewish community, and a healthier and more sustainable world for all. Hazon’s transformative experiences are immersive-intensive-inclusive multi-day retreats, bike rides, holidays, adventures, workshops, conferences, festivals, and vacations.

JEWISHcolorado, formerly known as the Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado, is the umbrella community organization inspired by the collective responsibility to build and sustain Jewish life in Colorado.

MazelTogether works in collaboration with dozens of organizations and congregations in the Denver and Boulder Jewish community who want to be peer leaders and develop meaningful connections through activities, events, gatherings and just good and fun social experiences.


Colorado Sikhs serves the greater Colorado community by promoting diversity, understanding, and community development through education of the Sikh religion and civic engagement.

YCD Workshops on Religion and Interfaith Dialogue

Below is a sampling of workshops YCD has offered at prior conferences and events around the issues of religion, faith and interfaith dialogue. Click on any workshop title to read more about the session, the presenter, and reviews from our participants.

A Holocaust Survivor Speaks

A Holocaust survivor speaks to a group of students.

A survivor of the Holocaust will share stories about living through a period of time where diversity and respect for others was at its lowest point in human history. Most importantly, participants will understand why we must never forget what happened in the Holocaust.

Addressing Anti-Semitism in Schools and Communities

“The gas chambers at Auschwitz didn’t begin with bricks. They began with words.”

How do insensitive comments, jokes, stereotypes, myths, and vandalism lead to other anti-Semitic incidents and, even further, hate crimes? This interactive session will empower and equip students and other community members with the skills to effectively and constructively respond to anti-Semitic incidents and the stereotypes that are often at the root of such incidents.

Islam and Islamophobia

Reema Wahdan addresses a classroom.

Islamophobia is the discrimination and oppression of Muslims. This workshop will serve as an open forum for students and adults to ask questions freely as they learn some of the common myths and misconceptions surrounding the Islamic faith and Muslim people. This session will also help participants understand how xenophobia against any race, religion or ethnicity should not be tolerated.

Making Sense of Challenging Decisions

A panel of religious representatives speak.

We are often faced with choosing between seeming opposites, some not as clear as others. Using whole and small group activities, we will explore what the Hindu text, the Bhagavad Gita, says about moving towards equanimity and mindfulness. Hopefully, this text will give participants concrete take-aways when faced with having to make challenging decisions.

Racism and The New Anti-Semitism

Students listen and learn.

We will use the visual metaphor of an iceberg to how people are usually only aware of the most visible manifestations of racism and anti-Semitism. These acts represent only the tip of the iceberg. By exploring the more subtle and common manifestations of anti-Semitism, participants will better understand the causes and how to address them.

Religious Diversity: Working Together Across Differences

Two members of the Interfaith Alliance of Colorado lead a discussion with teenagers on religious diversity.

Join leaders from the Interfaith Alliance of Colorado and learn about how people from all the world’s religions can work together to create a more just and unified world. This participatory workshop will include leaders from a variety of faiths, and together, we will do more than just talk about religions working together—we’ll get to do it.

Search for the Truth: Exploring Religion

A panel of religious representatives speak.

Panel members will discuss why religious communities have more in common than they do differences.  Religious leaders representing major faith communities will participate in this presentation.

The Intersection of Religion, Family and Sexuality

Amber Cantorna speaks with Rev. Amanda Henderson, the Executive Director of the Interfaith Alliance of Colorado

YCD and the Interfaith Alliance of Colorado presented a workshop exploring the intersection of religion, family and sexuality. We heard from author Amber Cantorna, the daughter of an executive at Focus on the Family and who came out as a lesbian at age 27, about her experience reconciling her sexuality and spirituality, and then had a dynamic group discussion through Q&A.