We help teens develop empathy and knowledge to become allies of those with disabilities, a community too often overlooked in diversity conversations.

We’ll be updating this page soon with more resources and information on organizations that serve the disability community and the important work they are doing.

YCD Workshops on Disabilities and Abilities

Below is a sampling of workshops YCD has offered at prior conferences and events around the issues of disabilities and abilities. Click on any workshop title to read more about the session, the presenter, and reviews from our participants.

Character Counts: Not Judging People

Let’s have a discussion about students who may be “different” than their peers. Using a hands-on demonstration, we will also talk about not labeling ourselves or one another. Not judging people is harder than it may seem; do you have what it takes?

Come Roll in My Shoes: A Day in the Life of Someone with a Disability

A student in a wheelchair watches as two other students write on a paper in the hallway.

It is impossible to truly know what anyone else is going through – including people with disabilities.  However, we can get a better perspective by exploring different challenges commonly found in high school.  Participants will engage in several activities that explore what it is like to have autism, physical disabilities, learning disabilities, and others.  This workshop is perfect for those wishing to learn more about how to support these students in their own school or those thinking of a career working with people who face physical/mental challenges.

Disability, Advocacy, and Building Power

A student in a wheelchair watches as two other students write on a paper in the hallway.

Join two advocates from the Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition in exploring how to become an advocate for disability rights or an ally for students with disabilities. We’ll explore the intersection of disability and white privilege. We will give you concrete ideas on how to disrupt disability oppression.

Including Students with Disabilities

A student in a wheelchair watches as two other students write on a paper in the hallway.

We all can and should do better to include students with disabilities, both in the classroom and socially. But how?  This workshop will feature a panel of students and open dialogue to explore strategies for being more inclusive in every aspect of our lives. The session will be led by the Director of Academic Inclusion for UNC GOAL, a fully inclusive college opportunity for students with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities at the University of Northern Colorado.

Living Well with a Disability

Students with physical challenges address the room.

Join the Center for People with Disabilities (CPWD) for a panel discussion with individuals who have all types of disabilities.

How have they worked with issues of accessibility in school or on the job? What was a difficult social experience that they had in high school, and how did they work through it? What people in their lives have made positive differences for them? We will address how members in the audience can become allies to individuals with disabilities.

Living with a Physical Disability

A student in a wheelchair watches as two other students write on a paper in the hallway.

Sterling Winnegrad, a current Eagle Valley High School student, will give a presentation on what it’s like to live with a physical disability. Gain insight on what others around us face and open your eyes to a new perspective that allows you to understand what you can do to be more inclusive and supportive of people with disabilities. Come with questions; there will be a question and answer portion and time for discussion.

Sports for Everyone

Stereotypes, socioeconomics, and gender equality are all factors that affect our social lives—including sports and athletics. What does acceptance look like in today’s world? We’ll have an engaging discussion on how we all play a role in making athletics and sports inclusive for everyone.