We support every student’s opportunity to attend and afford college, or pursue other fulfilling post-graduate opportunities.

We’ll be updating this page soon with more resources and information for students seeking help in attending and affording college and more.

YCD Workshops on College and Life beyond High School

Below is a sampling of workshops YCD has offered at prior conferences and events around life beyond high school, including college and more. Click on any workshop title to read more about the session, the presenter, and reviews from our participants.

A Day in the Life of an Undocumented Student

A group of students speaking.

What is it like to be an undocumented student living today in a divided America? A panel of college students will share stories of their hopes, fears and dreams in an effort to help conference participants understand the dilemma many undocumented students face today. They will also provide suggestions and resources on what we can do to provide a safe space for undocumented immigrants so that they can feel protected and empowered to continue their education or chosen work paths.

Diversity in Medicine

Students listening to a speaker.

Interested in a career in medicine? Ever wonder about the social and ethical challenges faced by healthcare providers? Want to learn more about the importance of diversity in the healthcare field? In this workshop, a panel of medical students and faculty members from the University of Colorado School of Medicine will present cases that bring up questions of ethics and society in the context of barriers to access. You will have a chance to work alongside current and future healthcare professionals to explore solutions that best serve patients.

Embracing Failure as a Way to Grow

Samantha Sparks

This interactive workshop will give insight into real failures and hardship while evaluating the participants’ relationship to failure. Attendees will learn how to embrace failure and use it to gain knowledge. We will discuss strategies on how to take away the negative connotations that surround failure and, instead,  show how failure can be as much of a friend as success can be.

Sports for Everyone

Stereotypes, socioeconomics, and gender equality are all factors that affect our social lives—including sports and athletics. What does acceptance look like in today’s world? We’ll have an engaging discussion on how we all play a role in making athletics and sports inclusive for everyone.

Yes, You Can Fight City Hall—Let Us Teach You How

We will teach young people that do not like to accept the answer “because that is the rule” to learn how to change rules that do not make sense or that are unfair. Often rules are set up by people that do not have to live within the rules.

Instead of this cycle, we work to teach people how to change the rules that are causing the problem. When we organize and get a bunch of people together we CAN change City Hall.  Join us to learn how the disability community has been changing city halls all over the country for decades, and tools you can use to advance your cause.

The Truth about Adulting: The Stuff No One Tells You

A student and teacher bump fists in a school meeting.

Rushing to adulthood is something all teens want to do, it means freedom! It also means bills, insurance, career, relationships and all kinds of other stuff that no one tells you about.

Come find out about the basics of adulting. This interactive and crazy look at bills, insurance, housing, cars, jobs, promotions, money will have you laughing and crying, (and maybe wanting to live with mom and dad forever) but you will walk away armed with knowledge and hopefully a sense of humor about the stuff no one ever told you about being an adult.

Youth Power + Civic Change

Our democracy is broken, and young people are our future. If we want to achieve equity in our lifetime, we must know how to change the systems that operate in the world. In this workshop we’ll be exploring our identities, learning about power dynamics, and hatching a plan to build youth power to create real change.