YCD provides information, workshops and resources on any issue that might impact a student’s ability to achieve academically or socially, both in and out of the school setting.

We strive to provide students from all backgrounds with the tools and information they need to succeed in school. Below is a list of major issue areas our programs have historically covered, though the actual workshops for each conference or event we host is decided by a group of local student leaders, through the event’s Executive Committee.  Check out our Programs to see if there’s an event coming up that you may be able to attend.

Don’t see an issue that’s important to you or you classmates? Contact us to discuss hosting a workshop or event in your region on a topic that will help students at your school.

A recruiter from the US Air Force Academy speaks with a student.

College and Life beyond High School

A student speaks while another listens.

Conflict Resolution

A man in a wheelchair speaks as two others listen.

Disabilities and Abilities

A group of students sit in a circle on the floor discussing a topic.

Economic Inequality

A teen male and female sit on the floor talking.

Gender, Feminism and Masculinity

A student reads a poem to an audience surrounding him.

Healthy Relationships

A teen girl wearing a hijab smiles.

Immigration and Refugees

A group of students poses for the camera.

LGBTQ+ Youth

A group of students conducts yoga poses.

Mental Wellness

Kyle Clark from Denver's 9News addresses the audience on political diversity.

Politics and Student Activism

A group of five male teenagers sits in a row, smiling.

Race, Ethnicity and Culture

Three teenagers -- one Jewish, one Christian, one Muslim -- speak to the audience.

Religion and Interfaith Dialogue

Hayley Breden leads a workshop on challenging inequities as educators.

Teaching for Equity