Just because we can’t meet in person doesn’t mean we can’t make progress.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has swept around the world, it has impacted the lives of nearly everyone in countless ways. For teens, that includes remote learning, cancelled sports and extracurricular activities, and drive-through graduation ceremonies.  It has also meant the cancellation of in-person conferences, like the programs YCD normally offers.

But a pandemic cannot and should not stop social progress.  The protests after the murder of George Floyd remind us that even in the age of social distancing, we can and must speak up for justice and against injustice in all its forms. Young people and teens have led the way in many of these spaces, and YCD is committed to supporting these efforts to build a better future.

That’s why we’re forming a Student Virtual Board, with 20 teens from across the United States, working collaboratively to highlight the issues most important to young people today, and to brainstorm and enact solutions. We want to take our mission to the next level, and we need your help to do it!

What Will the Student Virtual Board Do?

The Student Virtual Board will meet weekly to plan and host virtual events with their peers. These virtual events may include teen panels, speeches, interviews, performances, or anything else you can brainstorm! We’ll be conducting this virtual programming until the COVID-19 pandemic has officially ended.

The Virtual Board is open to any teen who will be a high school student during the 2020-21 school year, anywhere in the United States. While our programs have historically served Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming, we’re excited to open this opportunity to students from across the country. All meetings will be held in virtual spaces so teens can participate from anywhere.

Time Commitment

We anticipate the Board will meet once every week for 60-90 minutes, starting in early July. Students joining in summer 2020 will be planning events for Fall 2020. Students may choose to finish their time on the Board then, or continue to serve in Spring 2021 depending on their schedule and availability.


We encourage interested teens to sign up before Friday, July 3, 2020.

Sign up for the Student Virtual Board

If you’re interested in joining YCD’s Summer/Fall 2020 Student Virtual Board, sign up below.